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This running blog has been put together to help you become a better runner, there is content ranging from how to run faster to practicing mindful running to running hydration. If there is anything on here that isn’t covered then do not hesitate to contact us to write a specific piece for you

marcus sladden


Marcus has been running for over 10 years so has an extensive knowledge of how to train for any distance having started as a sprinter (running 100m-800m) to progressing to longer distances (5K to Marathon) running his first marathon is sub 3 hours (2:54).

Marcus first actually discovered running due to stress of his exams in high school, that and being a big fan of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’. He is an advocate of running for mental health and believes in the power of using running to keep those mental demons at bay. 

As well as having the experience of training Marcus is also an applied sport science graduate as well as a personal trainer qualification which he uses to apply to his own training as well as his athletes.

He is an ASICS Frontrunner, so Marcus is at the heart of the running community insuring runners are heard, looked after and their questions answered.