Interval Training: Why is it Important for Runners?

Interval training is a session which is broken up into shorter intervals with rest periods in between. It’s a broad term because any distance qualifies, but today we’re going to focus on shorter distances. Although interval training works both aerobic and anaerobic systems, you have to cater for the distance you are training for. WHAT […]

Training Principles Explained

When you hear the term training principles what do you think it means? The way that you train? A cool training plan? In order to get the maximum out of your training, you need to apply the five key principles of training. – specificity, individualisation, progressive overload, variation and reversibility. The principles of training are […]

How To Train Indoors for Running

Sometimes the elements aren’t on our side to train outdoors so you need to learn how to train indoors for running. Whether you work off shore or there is a global pandemic, you have to stay inside for a while. that doesn’t mean the training should stop!  Just because you can’t lace up your running […]

Cool Down For Running – Learn to Cool Down Properly

Cool Down For Running

The cool down for running is to tell your body that you have stopped exercising. Allowing your heart rate to slow down and your muscles to return back to normal. It also provides a good mental transition from running harder to the end of your session. Why Should You Cool Down? The cool-down keeps the […]

How To Warm Up For Running

Warm Up For Running

There are a few different ways that you can warm up for running. Your muscles need warming up before any activity, that’s a fact. Imagine sitting at the office all day, some of your muscles have become dormant such as your glutes and hips. Then going out for a run without a proper structured warm […]

Strength Training for Runners – Why is it Important?

Strength training for runners is sometimes difficult. A fair amount of runners don’t know what strength training to do and where to start. They are worried that it might make them ‘bulky’. This isn’t the case and I’m going to shed some light on the fact in this post. All runners should be doing some […]

Race Faster – 10 Different Ways to Improve Your Running Speed!

run faster

As runners, we are always looking for ways to race faster. Whether that is specific running sessions or adding strength training to your running. Here are ten tips to improve your speed to chase down those personal bests!  10 WAYS TO RACE FASTER Add Strides Into Your Training Strides at the start of your run […]

Why Training Slower Can Make You Race Faster

We’re going to answer the question of why training slower can make you race faster. A lot of runners think that if they run fast they are going to be fast, whilst this is right in so many ways there is such a thing as going too fast, too often which leads to injury, burnout […]

How to Practice Mindful Running and Why is it Important?

Mindful running is the art of keeping your mind in the present whilst on the run. A thing that is very easy to do when you are running. Especially if you are running solo.  You’re not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, but rather focusing on what you’re doing, whether it’s cooking dinner, […]

Tempo Run – What are Tempo Runs and Lactate Threshold Running?

A tempo run is a prolonged and steady run, which can help the runner to fight off that lactate builds up as they are racing. It can be easier for the runner to maintain the tempo run for various times. For example, you may do a session that is 2 x 2-mile threshold or a straight out 4-mile tempo session. The term tempo running and threshold running are being used interchangeably but there is little difference between the two.